Document collaboration to share knowledge and plans

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Document Collaboration

Collaborate and Work Better Together

Share knowledge amongst your team. Record common problems, solutions, processes and training materials.

Never be out of the loop. Share technical specs, plans, design docs, knowledge base articles, and more.

Work more efficiently, with fewer meetings - organize knowledge by team or project, in one central place.

Empower Your Customers

Give customers resources to solve problems themselves. Create a knowledge base for customers about your product with FAQs.

Build a community. Discussion groups give your customers a place to ask questions and help each other.

Create documentation you can be proud of, kept up to date easily with deep-case integration

Product FAQ

Key Features

Track and Roll back

Know who changed what and revert to previous versions

Powerful Editor

Include tables, images, docs, and tables of contents

Make Docs Public

Enable customers to view and contribute

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